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Let’s Get It Aon

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We’re really proud to have worked closely with Aon for the past five years. While we’ve delivered a wide variety of services and tackled a host of different challenges, the central objective has remained constant throughout: to grow Aon’s online presence and deliver new leads for its business development teams.


Historically, Aon’s website had been seen as a supplementary channel, with
above-the-line assuming the leading role for marketing. However, as online channels increased in prominence (and priority), we were engaged to help Aon seize the opportunity presented by digital.


We quickly realised that in order to deliver real, tangible benefit, we’d need to become deeply embedded within Aon. Therefore, we began by working very closely with Aon Hewitt’s marketing team to define a strategy that would fully harness content marketing and paid channels.

Allied with an advanced analytics configuration, this approach ensured we could report back to Aon with performance insights, all with the ultimate goal of illustrating a significant increase in leads and establishing Aon Hewitt as a leader in the digital space.


Throughout the early days of the campaign, we spent time with Aon’s teams, understanding their needs and priorities. Crucially, as an FCA-regulated company, there are many constraints to how financial products are marketed, and therefore ensuring compliance buy-in was central to the creative and technical planning processes.

After close consultation with all project stakeholders, we worked on building new sections of the website that enabled keyphrase-rich content to be hosted. We also set up paid search campaigns to drive targeted keyphrase traffic, adopting our ‘Test, Measure, Optimise’ mantra to asses and report back on which terms performed best. Aon Hewitt was an early adopter when it came to digital marketing for lead generation, so we were effectively establishing the benchmark in the marketplace.

From an organic perspective, the Aon website presented a technical challenge for SEO. We were able to overcome this by working alongside the global technical teams to develop a program that has now seen huge growth in organic traffic.

More recently, we have been running a multi-channel digital marketing campaign for Aon Hewitt and other Aon brands (including Aon Risk Solutions); blending SEO, paid search and social advertising to drive leads in the EMEA region.


We’re thrilled by the progress we’ve made since we began working with Aon. Traffic to the Aon website has seen double-digit percentage increases (even three-figure increases recently) year-on-year, from 2012-2016.

We’ve seen particularly impressive increases from organic traffic specifically, and organic search is assuming a far more prominent position in terms of the ratio of visits it is responsible for.

But perhaps the biggest single result for us, as an agency partner, is the great relationship we have with Aon. We’ve become an integral partner for our Aon clients, and a key member of the broader marketing team; helping to foster a dynamic, digital-first mind-set and build innovative campaigns. Across the last five years, our longest retained client has also become one of our most rewarding, because we can see the impact our work is having.